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thomasville furniture pricing

Thomasville Furniture Pricing – Atlantic Satellite SPSCUR47 2 Speaker Stands (Titanium) – Best Thrift Shop Find… EVER!

Thomasville Furniture Pricing

    thomasville furniture

  • Thomasville Furniture Industries entered the first decade of the 20th century as the fledgling Thomasville Chair Company in a bustling railroad-side community in the triad area of North Carolina, near High Point, the furniture capital.

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thomasville furniture pricing – Atlantic Satellite

Atlantic Satellite SPSCUR47 2 Speaker Stands (Titanium)
Atlantic Satellite SPSCUR47 2 Speaker Stands (Titanium)
You will receive a total of 2 speaker stands.
Dimension: 11.63″W x 10.63″D x 49.25″H
Weight Limit: 2 lbs per each
Finish: Titanium
Material: Cast Iron
Set of 2 Adjustable Speaker Stands in Titanium Finish
Satellite Speaker Stands set feature heavy duty cast iron construction.
Designed with wide base to provides durability and stability.
Adjustable height to ensure perfect and customized sound.
Lightweight with concealed wire management path.
Two sizes of mounting brackets and double-tape ensure correct installation.
Standard 1 year warranty.
Speakers are not included.
Also available in Black finish.
Easy to install.

If you want to enjoy stereo and surround sound to its fullest, it’s important to install your speakers at the proper listening height. That’s where these Atlantic speaker stands come into play. Each of the two cast-iron stands is adjustable from 27 inches to 48 inches, giving listeners an array of heights from which to choose. Merely install your satellite or surround speaker on the platform and experiment with your favorite music and movies. The stands aren’t built for bulk–they support up to 2 pounds each–so users should take care to use them only for lightweight speakers. The hidden-wire design, however, is a definite bonus, as it conceals the unsightly speaker cable within the poles. In addition, the stands’ titanium finish adds a sleek touch to a room’s decor. The stands measure 10.5 by 50 by 11.75 inches (W x H x D) each, which includes the brawny base, and weigh 11.75 pounds. Atlantic covers the stands with a limited lifetime warranty.

88% (>11)

Best Thrift Shop Find… EVER!

Best Thrift Shop Find... EVER!
A beautiful, solid wood chair in Like-New condition, by Thomasville (a high-end furniture maker) for $12.99!

I gasped when I saw the price tag because I think it’s an approximately $200. chair!
Everything about this chair is like new, including the upholstered seat – it’s spotless.
There was only one chair in the shop – I wonder where the other ones are.

I love Goodwill thrift stores. 😉

Oh, and please excuse the graininess – not enough light – poor photography skills – etc,etc.

the new chairs

the new chairs
I had this notion in my head that I wanted a couple of those Asian-inspired benches, which seem to primarily come in 24" and 29"-30" heights. They’re rather popular among chair makers, I’ve had no problem finding these in stores. The problem was that half the places I’ve looked offer them for $30 but the quality is such that you think they’re going to need to be replaced in a year or two. (I am a believer in what I call the IKEA Test — if a piece of furniture on display can’t survive being manhandled by a hundred people every day, it’s probably not going to survive in your home for as long as you need it to.) On the other side of the spectrum, the really well-crafted ones cost about $100, give or take $25. There has got to be some middle ground, and while they are pretty reasonably priced online there’s no way of seeing how durable they are. And what’s so wrong with a light brown color? Most are black, white, or deep brown.

So my search took me to Ross Dress For Less on South Hill, which on a holiday weekend is truly a freakshow, because they have some nice furniture. And there one was! Okay, technically two, because there was a white one next to it but it had a broken footrail. Bought the black one. There are three Ross stores within a 15 mile radius, so how about I roll the dice and see if I can find another? Twenty minutes later I’m at the Ross on 38th, and there’s another! Score!

They were made by Thomasville Furniture so they’re of good quality, and the Ross price is $30 (down from $50).

thomasville furniture pricing

Western Red Cedar Wood Outdoor Patio Adirondack Chair
Dimension: 39″W 32″D 38″H
Finish: Finely Sanded Finish
Material: Manufactured using Clear Grade Western Red Cedar
Traditional Designing
Form Fitting Seat
Oversized Arm Paddles
Contoured Back Support
Western Red Cedar fibers contain oils that act as natural preservatives to help the wood resist rot and decay making it an excellent material for outdoor furniture.
Handcrafted for Snug Fitting Joinery
Edges Routed For Clean Uniform Appearance
Rust Resistant Zinc Plated and/or Brass Hardware
Hardwood Doweling
Pre-drilled Holes
Illustrated Step-By-Step Instructions
Assembly Required.